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Support The Orthodox Church of Saint John The Russian

Thursday, 15 / 28 January
5:00PM Vespers
Friday, 16 / 29 January
5:00PM Vespers
Saturday, 17 / 30 January
St. Anthony the Great
8:00AM Divine Liturgy
5:30PM Vigil
Sunday, 18 / 31 January
8:40AM 3rd & 6th Hours
9:00AM Divine Liturgy
5:00PM Ninth hour and Vespers
Monday, 19 January / 1 February
5:00PM Vespers
Tuesday, 20 January / 2 February
5:00PM Vespers
Wednesday, 21 January / 3 February
5:00PM Vespers
Thursday, 22 January / 4 February
5:00PM Vespers

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