Mount Athos - Wisdom - Holiness
4 Dec 2020 at 8:51pm

Jesus, Son of God have mercy on me. Be joy in my sorrow.

Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk

They’ll dwindle
3 Dec 2020 at 8:44pm

The more sins and evils multiply in the world, the more correctional visitations  will we have, that is famine, earthquakes, wars, all kinds of sicknesses and death. Our concern as Christians must be to abandon sins, to become reconciled to God, ...

Syrian Saints: Barbara of Heliopolis & John of Damascus
3 Dec 2020 at 5:20pm

The Holy Great Martyr Barbara lived and suffered during the reign of the emperor Maximian (305-311). Her father, Dioskoros, was a rich pagan, a prominent citizen in Ilioupolis in Syria. After the death of his wife, he devoted himself to the upbrin...

‘Closed Churches Threaten the Faithful; Open Ones Threaten the Viruses’
3 Dec 2020 at 4:52am

We read that, in England, churches are going to be open for Christmas. Among these will be the Orthodox ones. As of today, Ireland is allowing 50 people at a time to attend Mass.

In Holland, churches haven’t closed at all in the second phase, even...

Coronavirus, Christmas and Holy Communion: The Coronavirus Attacks. We Counte...
3 Dec 2020 at 3:54am

The coronavirus severely attacked us. It almost managed to close the doors of our churches. Divine Liturgies with only ten (10) or twenty-five (25) Christians are allowed. It is very difficult. We should not accept it. We must go on the offensive ...

And He is the Expectation of Nations
3 Dec 2020 at 2:51am

Below we will present the birth of the God Who became human, as this is shown to be the expectation of all the peoples of the world, from ancient times until today.

From the very first moment after the Fall and the exodus from Paradise, the human ...

One next to the other
2 Dec 2020 at 8:39pm

Consider all the universes, all the worlds there are, all the beings. Down with all the hearts, the minds,  the lives, the immortalities, the eternities. Because without Christ all of them are hell for me, one hell on top of another. They’re all ...

God Revealed
2 Dec 2020 at 5:53am

The perquisite for approaching God the inaccessible is the knowledge that it is impossible for us to reach and know Him via the intellectual route. God is inaccessible in His essence, but, despite this, is known and revealed to us through His uncr...

Great will be your reward
1 Dec 2020 at 8:33pm

Don’t think only about what you’re going to eat, what you’re going to wear, what a big house you’re going to build. Knock at the doors of the poor, the sick and the orphans. Choose the homes of people in sorrow over those of contented folk. If yo...

The People’s Saint
1 Dec 2020 at 5:30pm

The holy Elder Porfyrios is an odd sort of saint. He was a monk in the world, he involved himself with an assortment of people, he embraced their pain and recognized them not from their outward appearance but from their soul. In this way he became...

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