Mount Athos - Wisdom - Holiness
“Let us celebrate the feast of Pentecost” – Elder Stefanos of the Daniilei Br...
17 Jun 2021 at 5:15pm

The late Elder Stefanos of the Daniïleï Brotherhood (Katounakia, the Holy Mountain) sings the wonderful hymn from Vespers on the Eve of Pentecost. This hymn encapsulates the ‘majestic and great mystery’, the advent of the Holy Spirit into the wor...

The greatest gifts
17 Jun 2021 at 5:11pm

Faith and availing ourselves of the sacrament of Holy Communion provide us with the greatest gifts and renew us.

Saint Isaak the Syrian

The Path towards Pentecost and the Last Times
17 Jun 2021 at 2:55am

The season after Easter is called ‘Pentikostario’. After the victory over death which was ushered in by Christ’s Resurrection, we go on to the great feast of Pentecost. Fifty days after Easter, we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit onto Chri...

You don’t win the crown
16 Jun 2021 at 5:09pm

You’re a wayfarer, my brother. Be careful not to go astray. Don’t go off to the left or the right. Always tread the royal road. You’re a spiritual athlete. Mind yourself, in case you break the rules, because nobody gains the crown of victory unle...

The whole secret is ardent love for Christ
16 Jun 2021 at 6:32am

‘Those who love a little, give little; those who love a lot, give more; and those who love a great deal, what can they give? They give themselves’.

Christ and joy
Christ wants to spread joy and is pleased by doing so, by enriching his faithful wit...

They’ve seen the mire
15 Jun 2021 at 5:08pm

Those who truly know themselves have made a start at acquiring humility, because they’ve seen the extent of their weakness and also the cesspit which is hidden within their soul. ‘Broken and contrite’ and in despair over themselves, they’ve then ...

We’re able
14 Jun 2021 at 5:05pm

We can’t acquire pure prayer except through repentance. When we repent, that is, when we cleanse ourselves of every sinful passion, we gradually become able to enter the divine light.

Saint Sophrony, Essex

Eternal Life
14 Jun 2021 at 4:12am

As we move from the feast of the Ascension to that of Pentecost, we’re essentially progressing from the feast of the glorification of human nature to that of our illumination. Between these feasts, the Church inserts the commemoration of the 1st E...

Railing against God is Tantamount to Condemning Him
14 Jun 2021 at 3:37am

Complaining against God isn’t merely criticism of him; it’s also condemnation

People often ask why, for what reason, the Lord God sends them sorrows and very onerous trials. It’s extremely important that all Christians should understand that sorro...

Jesus Christ: the Son and Word of God (Sunday of the Holy Fathers)
14 Jun 2021 at 3:00am

The Sunday of the Holy Fathers, which our Church celebrates during the time of Pentecost, is dedicated to the memory of the Holy and God-bearing Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Synod, in Nicaea, at which Saint Athanasios the Great and Saint Spyridon...

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