Online Resources:

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy  In this Ancient Faith podcast series Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick provides a comprehensive overview of the differences between Orthodoxy and all other religions and denominations.  

Ancient Faith has many podcasts which are educational to Orthodox Christians or those hoping to learn more.

Daily Lives of Saints can be found on the OCA site.


St. Vladimir's Press has many resources including books and music for purchase.

St. John the Russian's chatecism class is currently using the text The Faith by Clark Carlton. 

Everyday Saints is a contemporary book that tells the many stories of the presence of God in the lives of people.

Land of the Firebird, written by a friend of our parish, Suzanne Massie, is the story of the beauty of old Russian and the weaving together of rich culture and deep spirituality.

The Way of a Pilgrim is a beautiful introduction to the spirtual path and life of prayer and faith in God. A journey.

The Orthodox Church by Timothy Ware is a true classic for those interested in the faith.