Parish Council Updates
May 2018 Highlights
  • Fence along Lafayette Street was lowered 2 feet and opens up the property. Large bush was taken out and it looks much neater.
  • Well garden is weeded and the bees are alive and active. After all of last year's work it still looks beautiful!
  • Much progress has been made with Gallery Byzantium.
  • Hike is planned to Chocura for parishioners on June 16. Karen is organizing!
  • We reviewed and proposed the budget in order to get a bank loan for finishing proposed projects in 2018.
  • Feast day preparations are underway for our June 9th feast with Metropolitan Hillarion.


February 2018 Highlights

  • Website evolution and ideas. Making it more user friendly.
  • Moving toward recording the Church history (stories, etc).
  • Went over the Maintenance overview. Evolving with goal of greater participation.
  • Glass on the serving table, as well as granite counter added.
  • We ordered coloring books that support Church feasts, lives of saints, Great Lent and Holy week. Working those into Church School curriculum.
  • It was suggested to order purple vestments for the Church (for next Great Lent). We will appeal for this after Pascha.


Support The Orthodox Church of Saint John The Russian

Wednesday, 13 / 26 January
6:00PM Vespers
Thursday, 14 / 27 January
8:00AM Divine Liturgy
5:00PM Vespers
Friday, 15 / 28 January
5:00PM Vespers
Saturday, 16 / 29 January
8:00AM Divine Liturgy
5:30PM Vigil
Sunday, 17 / 30 January
St. Anthony the Great
8:40AM 3rd & 6th Hours
9:00AM Divine Liturgy
5:00PM Ninth hour and Vespers
Monday, 18 / 31 January
5:00PM Vespers
Tuesday, 19 January / 1 February
5:00PM Vespers
Wednesday, 20 January / 2 February
6:00PM Vespers

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