Parish Council Updates
May 2018 Highlights
  • Fence along Lafayette Street was lowered 2 feet and opens up the property. Large bush was taken out and it looks much neater.
  • Well garden is weeded and the bees are alive and active. After all of last year's work it still looks beautiful!
  • Much progress has been made with Gallery Byzantium.
  • Hike is planned to Chocura for parishioners on June 16. Karen is organizing!
  • We reviewed and proposed the budget in order to get a bank loan for finishing proposed projects in 2018.
  • Feast day preparations are underway for our June 9th feast with Metropolitan Hillarion.


February 2018 Highlights

  • Website evolution and ideas. Making it more user friendly.
  • Moving toward recording the Church history (stories, etc).
  • Went over the Maintenance overview. Evolving with goal of greater participation.
  • Glass on the serving table, as well as granite counter added.
  • We ordered coloring books that support Church feasts, lives of saints, Great Lent and Holy week. Working those into Church School curriculum.
  • It was suggested to order purple vestments for the Church (for next Great Lent). We will appeal for this after Pascha.


Support The Orthodox Church of Saint John The Russian

Saturday, 5 / 18 September
8:00AM Divine Liturgy
6:00PM Vigil
Sunday, 6 / 19 September
8:40AM 3rd & 6th Hours
9:00AM Divine Liturgy
5:00PM Ninth hour and Vespers
Monday, 7 / 20 September
5:00PM Vespers
Tuesday, 8 / 21 September
5:00PM Vespers
Wednesday, 9 / 22 September
6:00PM Vespers
Thursday, 10 / 23 September
5:00PM Vespers
Friday, 11 / 24 September
5:00PM Vespers
Saturday, 12 / 25 September
8:00AM Divine Liturgy
6:00PM Vigil

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